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As a teenager, John Seibert, Jr. started working in the construction industry. He worked during summers for custom home builders in Southwest Denver, Littleton, and Surry Ridge. Later, John honed his skills building some of the first homes in Genesee Park.

With years of experience building new homes as well as remodeling Victorian and Pre-War houses John started a commercial construction company. It was quite successful and grew to be a widely recognized specialist for constructing, remodeling, and maintaining corporate facilities throughout the world. Its clients included primarily Fortune 500 companies.

After leaving the commercial construction firm, John saw a need in the Colorado market for a handyman and home improvement company that provides the level of service demanded by Fortune 500 companies to residential property owners. So, he formed

John and the entire team are passionate about providing top quality services at fair prices, about being as honest and dependable as possible and about recognizing that we are a guest in your home whenever you give us the opportunity to serve you.

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