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Seasonal Maintenance Programs

Seasonal Maintenance For Your Home

Residential & Commercial Property can provide seasonal maintenance and professional handyman services for your home or office which may include specialized property preventive repairs that involve tasks needed throughout the every season of the year. We can tailor a program specially designed to meet the needs of your home or business.

Take a look at the examples listed below and contact us to come out and provide a quote that meets your needs:

Winter Maintenance:

  • Appliances - Check appliance cords, plugs, and fixtures for damage or overload
  • Check Seals - Check for loose grout in all tiles areas indoor and outdoors, and all areas that currently have caulk
  • Dryer - Blow out the clothes dryer venting to avoid fire hazards
  • Floor & Ceiling Registers - Set floor and grills to maximize airflow
  • Gas Fireplace - Turn on and test for the winter. Add filament if required prior to season
  • GFCI - Test all GFCI's for safety and functionality
  • Refrigerator - Clean out the condensor coils and drip pans. Change out the water filter.
  • Seasonal Lighting - Purchase and hang seasonal lighting for holidays, special events or special decor on patios or outdoor rooms
  • Toilets - Test all toilets for leaks, from tank to bowl, bowl to floor, supply lines, and at wax rings. Test all supply lines for usability

Spring Maintenance:

  • Air Filters - Change all indoor AC filters
  • Ceiling Fans - Clean and adjust all ceiling fans to circulate downward. Re-balance fans or reinstall non working fans
  • Concrete - Reseal or seal any cracks in concrete from normal wear and tear
  • Decks - Clean and seal all decks and railings. Re paint and repair anything necessary
  • Garbage Disposal - Run and check garbage disposal for normal use. Clean and disinfect
  • Patios - Tighten Screws and nails, or replace on all decks or railings
  • Plumbing - Change any hose or nozzle washers for summer activities and check all hoses, soaker hoses that may need repair or replacement
  • Siding - Inspect all siding, soffit, and fascia boards. List repairs or replacements necessary
  • Sinks - Clean mineral deposits from aerators, tighten handles, and replace parts as necessary, and check under plumbing for leaks
  • Smoke Detectors - Replace and test smoke detectors and change out batteries as necessary
  • Windows - Check all paint and caulking around windows. Note any warranty work required for broken seals
  • Speakers - Check all interior and exterior speakers in the home systems. Note replacements or problems that need to be taken care of
  • Fountains - Clean, replenish chemicals on all indoor or outdoor fountains

Summer Maintenance:

  • Air Filters - Change all indoor filters
  • Crawl Space - Check and examine for any moisture, condensation, and leaks
  • Drywall - Repair drywall dings, and touch up paint
  • Fences - Check, tighten and adjust fences, gates and doors
  • Fire Extinguishers - Check all fire extinguishers and test all smoke alarms
  • Foundation - Check for settling, shifting or erosion around the home or business
  • Lights and Switches - Check and tighten all light fixtures, wall plugs, wall switches, install dimmers or controls needed
  • Sinks - Fill all sinks, drain and check for leaks
  • Support Bars - Tighten all handrails on stairs, in showers or baths, grab bars, towel racks and shower curtain rods
  • Trim - Check all trim and woodwork for scratches, cracks, dry rotting, weakness
  • Washing Machine - Check washing machine hoses for leaks, cracks and dry rotting for replacement
  • Water Heater - Flush water heater and refill

Fall Maintenance:

  • Air Filters - Change all indoor air filters
  • Ceiling Fans - Clean and adjust ceiling fans so that the air circulates upward
  • Check Fireplace - Open fireplace damper and inspect chimney flue. Clean and prepare for use
  • Check Outdoor Paint - Check outdoor paint for peeling, cracking and coverage
  • Check Pipes - Check all pipes and faucets to prevent freezing. Wrap or install covers
  • Inspect Attics - Inspect attics for insulation and leaks or stains
  • Inspect Exterior - Inspect exterior trim, gutters, screens and downspouts
  • Inspect Portals - Inspect caulking, weather stripping, thresholds, transitions, and windows
  • Outdoor Plumbing - Drain outdoor faucets and winterize hoses and spigots
  • Smoke Detectors - Test smoke detectors and change out batteries if necessary Check and install carbon monoxide detectors as needed is your solution for handling residential and commercial property maintenance and professional handyman services year round. Whether you are a homeowner, rental property owner, facilities manager, or a property management company, we can handle your ongoing maintenance requirements.

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